LLAS Case Study

“We now have a CRM that is tailored to exactly what our organisation needs but at a reasonable price. On top of this, Open CRM is easy to use, intuitive and the customer support team is always available to help.”

Laurence Georgin

University of Southampton

The Centre for Languages Linguistics, and Area Studies (LLAS) is a research and enterprise group operating within the University of Southampton. They have been providing high quality professional development, resources, and information to the higher education sector since 2000.

They are an independent specialist group that provides a range of academic services including an extensive programme of workshops, seminars, and conferences and produces a wide variety of online resources for teachers and students to support learning and teaching in the field of language study.

Laurence Georgin, the Academic Coordinator for the LLAS, needed a way to manage the wide variety of courses and seminars put on by the Centre and to be able to keep track of past, present, and prospective attendees.

Their Open CRM Solution

The solution was simple: integrate LLAS’s website with their Open CRM system to ensure that Laurence’s days of tedious copying and pasting of event and attendee information were over.

Once Open CRM was integrated with the LLAS website, any Event created within their system could be easily published to the website, including description, pictures, venue details, and downloadable content. Anyone interested in attending one of these courses or seminars simply put their details into a web form, adding them to LLAS’s Open CRM system automatically.

Attendance information is stored in the system, ensuring that individuals who have attended a previous event can be invited to sign up for another based on their previous attendance. The system also tracks payment for events, giving Laurence all the information she requires at a glance, allowing her to chase those who haven’t paid.

This seamless integration allow Laurence and the rest of LLAS team to focus on developing new and ground-breaking courses instead of spending their time knee-deep in paperwork.

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