“A Great CRM, packed with features and the only one we found that did everything 

Stuart Reed

Upshot Media

Upshot Media have been providing web solutions since 2004. Their diverse range of products includes website design, development and SEO agency offering strategy, design, development and marketing. They specialise in user-friendly websites that are designed to leave the right impression and help companies meet their business goals.

Their packages help businesses take bookings online and sell products. For clients not wishing to use a booking system, they can switch this off and set up information pages with contact forms.

Why they came to us

Upshot Media needed a solution that would assist them throughout the customer journey. From the sales pipeline, through to the delivery of an agreed solution. 
After evaluating multiple CRM systems, none of them really worked the way they wanted them to. They spent hours testing, researching and doing free trials, to the point where they nearly built our own solution.  

None of the competition worked as required – there were bolt-ons or plug-ins, third-party integrations and all ended up being very clunky and disjointed, whereas Open CRM is all in one. They really wanted a simple easy way to could change an opportunity into a sale, send an order to a client and have that signed electronically. Once that was signed, they needed to be able to then create a project with different steps that could be allocated to different team members, mark each task as complete as well as having different sign-off stages throughout the project, with a final step of signing off and closing the project.  

In addition, Upshot Media needed a support ticket system that was also linked to each company or project where tickets were created, automated replies and for those tickets to be allocated to a specific team member.

Their Open CRM Solution

In OpenCRM the Opportunity module is the heart of the sales pipeline. Upshot Media use this as a fact-finding solution, to help them put the sale together. They then use a Sales Orders to manage the agreed delivery of work. Once the SO is digitally signed, the Project comes into play.

The Projects module helps manage the delivery of what the customer ordered, for example a website, website updates, SEO, booking system, or an eCommerce solution. Through extensive use of Action Plans, the team can ensure that none of the steps involved in the project delivery are missed. Seeing Pending and Historic activities at a glance gives easy visibility of how the Project is progressing.

Once the Projects are up and running, the sign-off of the design and the project itself is managed via integrated Jotforms. These forms – including the digital Signature function that is available – allow the customer to confirm the project has been completed, at a time that suits them.

Post-sales interactions are managed via the ticketing system available in the Helpdesk module.

OpenCRM has given Upshot Media an end-to-end solution, using a combination of standard features together with the customisation options that are available.

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