“OpenCRM have been great from start to finish, I am really pleased with our new CRM system and have received some great feedback from colleagues as they become more familiar with using the system.”

Rhianna Harris

Vargus Tooling UK

Vargus Tooling UK Success Story

Vargus Tooling UK, a subsidiary of Vargus, supplies innovative and high-quality products and is a market leader in threading applications. They provide internationally recognised solutions for threading, grooving, turning, drilling, spindle tap tooling and hand deburring applications.

When they came to us, Vargus Tooling UK needed a better way get an overview of their sales process and their customers.

As a company with customers across the UK, Rhianna and her team needed to be able to manage which sales engineer was responsible for customers within each of their geographical regions. The engineers needed to see how they were progressing, both in terms of the pipeline and their target.

From a relationship management point of view, the team needed to all customer activity levels and what information had been sent out to customers, as well as an overall view of communication history. They also wanted to track some industry and company specific information against customers and distributors.

Their Open CRM Solution

Using the system’s inbuilt customisation tools, Rhianna was able to migrate and assign all Companies at both the regional level and to individual salespeople. This meant there is never any confusion as to who is managing which contract.

They can also easily record and report on which solutions their customers and distributors require.  Similarly, they can use a series of customisable functions to show at a glance what information has been sent to each company and send out any further updates.

By adding their own language and terminology to the system, Rhianna and her team could manage their customer and distributor relationships in their own way. It’s a feature we include in all systems because we feel is so powerful and so necessary.

The most important thing to Rhianna and her team when they first started with us was combining all their disparate sales data into a single system. Because each sales engineer managed their own spreadsheets, this data was difficult to report on and access prior to signing up with OpenCRM. By importing all this into a single system, Vargus Tooling UK could start to manage their sales process and customer data more effectively.

Rhianna wanted to ensure that all of the sales engineers still felt that they had total ownership of their accounts without compromising the management team’s need for an overview. So we helped her set up a permissions model that would give managers total oversight, but keep the regaional accounts separate from each other.

When it came to getting that all important overview of the sales team, our Opportunities module, Sales Pipeline, and Target tracking gave Vargus Tooling UK exactly what they needed. Now the team can see Opportunities and Activities by status and in full details from start to finish. They can also measure the value of successful Opportunities against an individual salesperson’s target.

The sales team can also easily create new meetings and add notes to scheduled ones no matter where they are using our Microsoft 365 Integration. Every call, activity, and meeting from OpenCRM appears in the Microsoft Calendar, with any notes or additions brought straight back into OpenCRM.

As an admin level user, Rhianna can combine all this information to see how they are progressing against the overall company target and use the pipeline to build up revenue forecasting.

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