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30 Apr 2015

As a diverse and professional company, OpenCRM stands out from the crowd as a unique provider of CRM. CEO and founder Graham Anderson discusses the vital importance of understanding customer-relationship management.

The evolving world of technology has opened up many new and exciting opportunities for businesses across the globe. It has meant that all businesses, from SMEs to international conglomerates, can provide an overall improved service and business offering, significantly enhancing and developing the customer experience.

Yet, while many see the benefits that the power of technology brings to their business, more are unsure of the role of technology when it comes to customer service and its function in their organisation.

Customer service is a vital asset for any company, but with it being as frequently overlooked as it is, this can lead to a severe impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and, in the end, company profit.

As one of the UK’s leading customer-relationship management systems, OpenCRM understands the importance and vital need to prioritise customer service (it’s in the name). This alternative CRM provider offers a tailored and effective cloud solution, alongside innovative insights, advice and guidance for every client. The system includes powerful configuration tools to help a subscriber organise, manage and evaluate all business processes. Aligning all projects and departments onto one system makes it easy and attainable for the client to review and analyse all opportunities.

“The key factor that so many companies forget, tech-based or not, is the importance of the customer relationship,” Graham Anderson, CEO of OpenCRM, explains. “Many organisations may not see their customer face to face; this does not mean that the level and delivery of the highest quality of customer service should be any less.

“In the tech industry, too often customer service is relegated to second place behind technical know-how and advancement; it’s this blindsided viewpoint that causes so many web-based organisations to fall at the first hurdle. Customer service and technology should never be placed one above the other; both are essential to delivering and

implementing any system, especially if your business is based in the SaaS (software as a service) industry.

“This is when the use and resources provided by an innovative and intuitive CRM system will make a significant difference to your company, enhancing your overall service and the customer’s perception of your brand.”

Quickly and easily

Implementing a CRM system into any organisation takes time and resources to ensure that the software is the perfect match for the organisation’s criteria and requirements.

The system needs to hit the ground running and be able to quickly deliver the best possible results for the business.

“Implementing a CRM platform into any business is like bringing a new member of staff on board,” continues Graham. “A business will use the platform every single day; therefore, it must meet the demands and needs of the whole team. It is required to function as a management, organisational and tailored service to all of its subscribers, ensuring that the business delivers maximum results.

“At OpenCRM, customer service is not only a top priority for our subscribers’ tailored systems, but also for our own business. The same mantra we say to clients is reflected in our company; in other words, the people behind SaaS are obliged and must remember to provide a supportive customer service function. It’s one of the things that makes us different from the rest and gives us what we like to think of as a bit of an edge.

“The system includes powerful configuration tools to help a subscriber organise, manage and evaluate all business processes.”

“From the very first enquiry, an OpenCRM team member works with the client to learn their unique processes, business needs and how to sculpt a system that fits their organisation. Our team is also able to come up with those little gems to make your business work more efficiently and effectively.

“We spend time working closely with each subscriber to make sure they understand and can efficiently use the system. It’s this personal level of service that has helped OpenCRM position itself as an alternative to leading international CRM systems such as Salesforce.

“At OpenCRM, we are committed to creating personable, open and trustworthy relationships between our CRM experts and subscribers, so if a client does have a question, they can ring a knowledgeable and experienced team member, who will be able to help and advise them instantly. It’s this commitment to offering the highest quality of customer service to our own subscribers that has helped us mould and define OpenCRM into the leading software system it is today, providing our clients with the most effective business tool to support and nurture their own loyal customer base ”

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