Charity time at OpenCRM

20 Feb 2015

One of the fun parts of my role in OpenCRM is helping put on charity events within the company. Our bosses believe strongly in supporting charities, so are quite happy for us to put our organisational skills to action for a good cause.

This year we already have a couple of things in the pipeline. We are hoping to do something for Comic Relief in March, and then do the ‘Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge’ for Papyrus in June.

Doing charity events is a truly positive thing to do within a workforce, especially when you have offices dotted across the country. By pulling people together with a common purpose, not only are you doing something productive for people less fortunate than yourselves, but also, you are giving your team an excuse to have some fun and share some out-of-work experiences together.

Now, we are just in the planning stages for both of these events. But, already we have some great ideas being circulated amongst the team and generally a little bit of a buzz in the office.

Once we have a few more plans in place, I will disclose some more details about what we are doing and how you can be involved, so watch this space.