Climb Every CRM Mountain

5 Jan 2015

Welcome back! I hope you had a good break over Christmas and were able to enjoy your time off.

I hope it’s not too difficult to get back into your old routine? Are all those reminders and notes helping you get back into the swing of your work life? Have you already broken those New Year Resolutions or are you staying strong?

I thought about writing a post about setting up some OpenCRM New Year Resolutions, encouraging you to be diligent about recording all your Calls and Meetings in your system. The thing is, I always worry that if I make a New Year Resolution about something, it will never happen. Just one of those things.

Let’s assume that you succeeded in all of your CRM Resolutions last year and everything has worked out exactly according to plan. What then?

Once you’ve got your team using OpenCRM (or any other cloud based CRM system) and they’re managing their time more efficiently and making the best of every customer interaction to build a strong relationship, it might feel like you’ve conquered the CRM Mountain. That there isn’t any room for improvement because you’re already using the system how it was built to be used.

But what about re-examining those other areas of your business that maybe aren’t performing quite so well. Is there any area or department that hasn’t felt the impact of your CRM system.

You haven’t raised it with your OpenCRM Account Manager, though, because you’ve never seen us talk about this area in any of our blogs or even been able to have a play with anything on our demo that matches what you are trying to do.

Don’t despair, though. Just because we don’t have anything currently set up to meet this more specific need doesn’t mean we can’t help.

We have a team of developers who have helped various customers modify an existing module or create a whole new one to meet a highly specific need. These new, bespoke modules are created to streamline and ease an area of their business that isn’t met by your standard, out of the box CRM systems.

Just give us a call or drop your Account Manager an email if you have a business need that you’d like to be managed within OpenCRM.