We are the Champions!

8 Mar 2011

Its what every CRM providers craves for – a CRM Champion – But WHY?

Before we even get into the implementation, having a CRM Champion onboard is such a good thing for the CRM project in general, for both sides. As a potential supplier we get a clear focused approach to the scope of the project and a level of buy in from other project members way ahead of the curve. In some cases without a Champion the job of getting the new users to buy into the adoption of OpenCRM falls to us and might only get a real airing during the training phase.

The client has a lot to thank the Champion for!

They take the often difficult role of selecting a CRM Software application and do the donkey work, presenting a rounded potential supplier list, perhaps with a preferred solution highlighted, to fellow decision makers and in the process helping them with a much easier and cleaner set of criteria to make their decision by.

Who is the Champion?

Well this can be many different types of people at differing management levels.

Sometimes its one of the senior managers that will be a beneficiary of a successful implementation, perhaps the Sales Director or Support Manager, someone who will be able to leverage the right CRM choice and produce better results and greater efficiencies.

Sometimes its the most senior board member who ‘just gets it’ and can see what is required to move the business on, perhaps in spite of not being actively involved with any single part of the day to day operation. Sometimes its the guys on the ground who are under ever increasing pressure to deliver more, in a shorter timeframe, perhaps its a Business Development Manager wanting to increase revenue return or a Support Technician who needs to systemise how they operate to keep things fluid or an Administrator who has to quantify the businesses progress and needs a 360 degree overview.

Are you CRM Champion? If you are please give us a call, honestly if anyone knows the pressures that you are under to deliver and the expectations your team members will have for YOUR selected application, we do! Trust me, we work in this environment every day, of course its not always stressful and for the most part its a very enjoyable and rewarding process, but nevertheless we can really associate with what you are going through and we can help.