CRM for Small Business – an Article on Ezine

24 Feb 2011

I wrote an item on the implementation of CRM systems in smaller businesses and it has been published on Ezine. To read the article please click on the title of the article Tempting Small Businesses Into the CRM Market

The way business is conducted is currently on a rollercoaster ride.

For many years larger companies have been implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to assist with contact, helpdesk and opportunity management amongst other things. However this system is being used more and more in the small to medium fields too. The reason is obvious – having a centre where you can keep your leads, contacts, company addresses and more makes so much more sense than having this divided up amongst staff members. And taking this basic model, CRM developers add more and more modules to include other aspects of your business such as product, event, and personnel management. The sky is more or less the limit. I could make a terrible joke about sky and “cloud” right now, but I think I’ll spare you that for now.

One of the barriers for smaller companies will traditionally have been financial. The need for an in-house CRM solution will have entailed a large initial investment as well as ongoing support and administration fees. All this for a service which the small company manager will no doubt have been sceptical about – “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, right?

The rapid growth of web-based solutions has meant that finance need no longer be a barrier in the implementation of a CRM system. Furthermore with there no longer being a need for a technician to come and install hard and software, the whole process can be launched within a few minutes. That’s the financial question dealt with, of course the small business owner may still be asking “why?” and that is a topic for another article.”

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