Custom web forms – how does that work?

16 Aug 2011

One of the areas of OpenCRM that we have been working on which is about to be launched as a full production BETA is custom forms on the key entities in OpenCRM.

This feature will allow CRM subscribers to create custom forms that can be set to be displayed instead of the main forms already provided in OpenCRM.

What this means is that you can create data fields for all of the pieces of information that you need to record and then create a custom display of this data, streamlining what is visible and killing off all the bloat of irrelevant fields. Web based CRM solutions have traditionally

been weak in this area.

Now, this has been ‘sort of’ possible for sometime in OpenCRM by setting fields to only be visible to certain profiles, however where this really takes hold is the ability to create custom forms, including the layout of fields and then add these as alternative displays OR as a default display for a specific type of user. Perhaps sales people only need to deal with the collection of sales and marketing information and having a specific layout of this information will help them with the questions that need to be asked and the order in which asking these questions usually works. Operations users may be interested in a different sub set of data with the majority of sales information being irrelevant, again this is easy by creating two custom forms and then assign the defaults to the relevant teams.

One client has a unique method of working that requires certain data to be available to the telephone adviser at key parts of the transaction and creating custom forms and allowing the operator to select the form that best suits their needs works well for them.

Early adopters are being considered if you would like to see how this feature works, just drop an email to your account manager and we will contact you to discuss the process.