David vs. Goliath

13 Mar 2014

I’m not one for biblical metaphors, but I find the story of David and Goliath particularly fitting for our situation.

The CRM world is full of different kinds of players, to stick with our theme, let’s call them armies.

You’ll have small armies, with very limited skills, niche armies with specific talents and then other enormous armies, like Goliath’s army.

As you may know, David stood up to Goliath. I think we are like David. We have learned how to create a deep bag of stones to throw at Goliath to win.

The reason our clients choose us is because we are better. Yes, it sounds like I am bragging, but I genuinely believe our baby is beautiful! We may only be a fraction of the size of our biggest competitors Sales Force, Sugar or SageCRM but we still take business from them.

Here is 3 of the many reasons why:


At OpenCRM we have a very wide and very deep system. As you may have gathered from our demo , we have 22 different modules. They are all interlinked and incredibly intelligent even though they are straight forward and user friendly. These modules are all also customisable; custom fields, custom data, you can add and remove fields and modules for different levels of access and visibility. We try to make the system as personal as possible, we even create bespoke modules if you have any quirky needs that our standard system doesn’t already have.


We want our clients to feel their importance but also know that we work fairly. When you want apples, we will give you apples. We will do whatever we can to help you but we will never be a thorn in your side. You will always have a human on the other side of the phone and will not spend more than I minute speaking to a robot answering machine. We don’t like dealing with robots, so why should you?


I think my personal favourite though, is the way we integrate feedback. Of course, like any business we have goals for our company and product, however when a client comes up with something we did not have yet and needs it for their system, we try to see the beauty it could bring other clients and we add it to our wish list for our system. This is because we feel that our clients input adds to the wealth and breadth of our OpenCRM system.