Do You Speak CRM?

18 Jul 2012

One advantage of a hosted CRM solution such as OpenCRM is the accessibility – grab an internet connection and you are in. If you are out visiting a client there is no need to work offline and input the data collected when you get back to the office – simply access your CRM software on location and make things happen there and then. The off-site work is not limited to staying in one country and one thing’s for sure – working internationally has never been easier.

One of the recent features we have introduced is the ability to log into your OpenCRM and enjoy using French and German versions as well as the English language version. Tried and tested by a number of customers the feedback to the new language interfaces we have had so far has been very positive.

Of course as businesses grow and OpenCRM develops to add new features and tools, this translation is not a one-off job that is done and signed off, but a longer term work in progress. Furthermore our translations have been carried out by humans – ie with a grasp of language and what is being said, instead of having text bulldozed by a machine translation – this might make for some very entertaining labels but won’t be of much use to anyone trying to use OpenCRM!

So wenn Sie CRM sprechen, si vous parlez la langue de CRM or if you speak plain old English CRM, we welcome you to try out our new language interfaces.