EasyFlow – whats it for (more detail)

9 Jul 2009

EasyFlow allows OpenCRM users to trigger events on a scheduled basis. This includes the ability to set up a regular polling event that will run other triggers and check for changes.

These triggers can be set to poll entities in OpenCRM and look for data changes, or set criteria.

As an example, you could create an activity to remind you to send out an email, when the criteria is met, say the date and time on the activity is due, the event will mark the activity as being done, send out (including merging data from the linked Contact) the email and also create the next scheduled activity for a

set period in the future. When this next activity falls due, the process starts again, with the next email in the series. At anytime the process can be stopped by simply completing the task or cancelling the activity from OpenCRM, which could be triggered from an unsubscribe link, with an EasyFlow trigger set to mark outstanding Activities as cancelled.

To make full use of EasyFlow OpenCRM users need to have an Enterprise account, with access to the MySQL database, a dedicated server or a System Fault Tolerance account (SFT) with a replicated database.

If you would like to hear more or discuss how you can be a part of the next RC (Release Candidate) release, why not give me a call or drop me an email.

Graham :0)