Enjoy it while it lasts

1 Jan 1970


The weather is so beautiful at the minute. I can see people walking their dogs in the grass just outside my window. They’re wearing t-shirts and enjoying the sun. Admit it, you wish you were working outside right now. Especially since you know and I know that this good weather won’t last. Judging by the last two summers, we can’t have more than a couple weeks left of feeling the sun on our faces before we go back to wearing wellies and raincoats. Sigh.

I’ve been trying to get outside and turn my lunch break into a bit of a picnic, just to enjoy a few minutes of sun each day. I also

cycle to work and get to enjoy the nice weather that way. But I know that not everyone lives as close to their workplace as I do or has a grassy area close enough to their office to have a lunch time picnic. Even so, those couple minutes I steal every day just don’t feel like enough. So I try to spend every minute of my weekends outside in sun, even if I end every day with a bit of a sunburn or headache.

The important thing, the most important thing, is trying to make sure that you’re not working on your weekends. If you have to spend extra time every day trying to find phone numbers, names, and invoice numbers it all adds up. You know you put that information somewhere you wouldn’t lose it, somewhere you’d remember, but somehow it has slipped your mind and you spend 5 minutes looking for it. All of those little 5 minute fact finding missions add up though and, before you know it, you’re having to make up that time on the weekends.

The solution to this particular problem could be a CRM system. Without having to spend time finding the information you need to do your job, you can just do your job. You can get all your weekly tasks completed by Friday or at least stand a better chance of it. Before coming to work here I used to keep a notebook by my office phone and write down everyone’s details as they came through. I thought I had a good system, but I was forever having to hunt through that notepad for a number, name, or message. Now, I can just tap in a quick search and have the information right in front of me, leaving me the rest of the day to just get on with my job, and giving me a chance of finishing up on a Friday, ready to enjoy what might be our last sunny weekend this summer…

…you say it might rain this weekend? Oh well, a nice lie in sounds good too.>