EU Data Reform

11 Jun 2015

As far back as 2011, the European Union was starting to look into developing a new framework for bringing data protection regulations in line with technological achievements. Four years on and we are still eagerly awaiting the final release.

It has been confirmed that this will happen this year, but as we are almost halfway through 2015 – what a thought – companies are starting to get itchy about preparing for the big changes that have been rumoured. The good news is that the plan is to give businesses at least 2 years to implement these new regulations into their systems and processes.

Once released, there will be much discussion between member states about the new regulations, including the potential new definition of users consent and the hoped-for clearer guidance of when companies can use, store, and reuse data for other purposes.

It’s almost certain that the new laws will include the ability to impose higher than current fines on companies who break the rules.

Although the final reforms have yet to be rubber stamped, everyone knows that it is only a matter of time. At OpenCRM we have already taken steps to prepare our system so we are ready when the changes are implemented. We’ll be sending out information and guidance on what steps we’ve taken and how our customers can customize their systems to adhere to the parts of the regulations that relate to their industry.

There are many areas that businesses need to address – including scope of personal data, data portability, and the right to be forgotten – and that takes time. We’re working hard to make sure OpenCRM as a system (and a company) is ready in plenty of the time to give our customers the time they need to change their processes.