Open CRM Mobile App

Our mobile app lets you access the data you need, no matter where you are. Same login, same permissions, same Open CRM.

CRM Features List

Security is our top priority

Two factor authentication for first login and administrator controlled access means that you can control which of your users can use the app. Allowing you to add Open CRM to the BYOD policy that your business is already using.

The permissions model you have set up in Open CRM is carried straight over to the app. So if someone can’t edit or even access to something there, they won’t have access in the app.

CRM Features List


Decide which fields appear on the mobile app and hide the fields you won’t need while you’re out and about. You can even select different ones for different groups of user, tailoring the user experience by job role.

Each user can also set which module they wish to see when they first login and whether they want to engage SmartView – only view the fields that have data to reduce your loading time and save your thumbs from over scrolling.

CRM Features List

Multiple devices

Use your login on multiple devices, from tablets to phones, Android to Apple. Now you always have Open CRM when and where you need it.

Plus, after you’ve logged in the first time on a new device, you can choose to save your login details to make it even easier to login next time.

CRM Features List

Modules available

You can currently access your Activities, Leads, Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Projects from within our mobile app.

We are always adding more functionality, so if you don’t see the module or feature you want to use on the go, just head over to our Roadmap to see when it will be available.

You can download the app for free on from:

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