Five Benefits Of Using Email Templates

3 Apr 2013

It’s all in the template.

Within OpenCRM you have the ability to set up and store as many email templates as you require. From a thank you email for completing a form on your website, to marketing pieces, to regular customer communications – and all of this can be personalised to send each client a message addressed from you, to them. But email templates are so much more than just a time-saver. Here are five advantages of using templates to send out your communications:

1. Maintain your corporate voice with every communication. As you don’t need to edit the text contained in the email, any person using the template within your organisation can send those emails and not have to worry about “getting the message right”.

2. Personalise the message without needing to search for details. OpenCRM finds and inserts any details from the system into the email if and when needed – client’s name, address, product and pricing details – to give just a few examples – can all be dropped into the mail automatically.

3. Reduce the margin for error. As there is no need to retype anything, you remove a significant chunk of human error and the risk of sending incorrect messages with potentially awkward or significant consequences.

4. Use the same message time and time again. You don’t need to retype anything, you don’t even need to copy and paste, the template is stored right there – just click on the name and the template loads up for you.

5. Let your formatting and design hit the spot every time. Once a template has been tried and tested, you can start to use a design that will never let you down.

Whether it’s marketing, sales, accounts, management or support, why not take a look at how using email templates within OpenCRM can help your business?

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