Fitness Novice to Fun Run Superstar

20 May 2015

The past ten days have been exceptionally active for the team at OpenCRM. We achieved our best last week in clocking up 117 miles for “Walk to Work Week” and the weekend prior to this, a bunch of us tackled a 15 mile practice walk ahead of our “Yorkshire 3 Peaks” challenge.

Now get that image out of your head!

We are not all Lycra clad, muscle bound gym worshippers- well maybe one or two of us come close to that stereotype. But the rest of us are your average Joe Bloggs.

We are a regular group of office workers who just seem to arrange social events that incorporate some level of activeness. Some of us thrive on these fitness themed events, for others it just doesn’t come naturally.

As the team fitness guru, I fully understand the challenges my colleagues and other workers face when trying to find the time as well as the enthusiasm to exercise. No-one (occasionally, I count myself in this group) wants to finish a busy eight hour day at the office and head straight to the gym, especially when the sofa, TV, dinner and a nice hot drink is a much more appealing prospect.

But all it takes are a few minor changes to your 9 to 5 regime to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and get that feeling of being body beautiful. So why not try out the following:

  • If you can, walk to and from work at least once a week.
  • If you take public transport, get off 2 stops earlier
  • Climb the stairs to your office, do not use the lift.
  • Take a brisk walk around the car park at lunchtime
  • Empty that desk drawer of sugary treats- you know the one I mean
  • Try to avoid drinking caffeine past 2pm
  • Make a packed lunch- no more sly trips to the local fast food restaurant/burger van
  • Leave your wallet/purse in the car- no money, no chocolate bar from the vending machine
  • Replace every other cup of tea/coffee with a glass of water.

Applying these changes will help increase your energy and concentration levels in no time, before you know it you will have joined the local gym, rented that superman costume and signed yourself up for the next charity fun run.

The OpenCRM team and I will see you all on the start line!