Getting The Most Out Of Your Customer Database

7 Jun 2011

Everyone wants to attract new business. A new customer brings a breath of fresh air, creates impetus for development and is something different and exciting. But only concentrating on attracting these customers comes at the risk of neglecting your existing customers and ignoring the hard work you have already put in. These established customer records are the fruits of your market research and sales efforts of the past. It makes sense then for you to use this great resource to your advantage by maintaining it as live data rather than simply as a library documenting past events.


your customer accounts into different categories means you can launch marketing campaigns aimed at the various different levels of customers you have, for example those that have used your services once, or frequent and loyal customers, or perhaps customers that you may be on the verge of losing. You have captured enough information to use this customer data to your advantage – by making special offers, by providing “insider” advice, conducting consumer surveys or even sending thank you messages if appropriate. These small touches help build your brand identity and ties to your customer as well as being great ways of driving repeat business.

Sales Pitch: There are numerous ways of filtering your Customer data in OpenCRM to return the results you need to launch the Campaign you need.