Global, Social and what about the Mid Market

10 Jan 2011

I read an article from that is titled “CRM in 2011 : What do the experts Predict?”

The article is interesting but seems to miss the point in my opinion, every time I read these articles it talks in a grand way about corporate strategy and uses buzz words that no one understands (I guess this is because the people using them are frantically hoping that they will be the ones to uncover a new buzz word so that they can be the experts on this subject – for a limited period – and craft a new niche for themselves).

This is the link to the article – worth a quick look and my

response below (in case you were interested).

MyCustomer dot Com article

— Comment posted 10th January 2010 —

Global Social and what about the Mid Market

This is really interesting stuff and echoes some of the discussion that we have been having as a hosted CRM product provider.

My only comment is that articles like these sometimes focus a little too heavily on the corporate approach to these strategic decisions and I feel that the massive growth potential in the mid-market will be 2011’s legacy. Finally, all those companies that have been playing at CRM will step up to the plate and invest in a real CRM strategy, NOT CRM software but a true understanding of how they can level the playing field armed with a deliverable plan.

Its going to be an interesting year for social integration with CRM, first off the market needs to understand what this means… ask 10 people in a room (even if they are not plied with wine) and I suspect you will get 10 different answers.

Here’s to a good year and lets analyse these comments this time next year when we can see what actually happened.

Graham Anderson
Graham Anderson
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