Goal-Line Technology and CRM

16 Jun 2014

One hot topic of discussion about yesterday’s thrilling football match between France and Honduras was the use of goal-line technology to help decide if a goal was scored or not. I’m sure that on this occasion the French will have been very happy with the decision (the goal was allowed), but it is still a controversial technology with people arguing the fors and againsts in forums all over. France’s own Michael Platini (also the UEFA President) himself has been a vocal opponent, I wonder if he might now have changed his opinion just a tiny bit after yesterday’s goal?!

It seems at the moment research labs are pumping out new technology faster than ever before and it is hard to keep up, whether it is 3D printing, wearable devices, drones, or intelligent robots, there are new stories every day.

There will always be arguments along “why change a winning formula” lines, but if that was the case we would still be carving hieroglyphics on slate and calculating with an abacus, so it seems clear that there is always room for technological experimentation and innovation.

At OpenCRM we enjoy working on new goodies, in cooperation with customers. These features will have been rigorously tested by the research and development team at HQ, before going into closed beta or open beta and finally being released. Recent development around the Events and Campaigns modules are examples of enhancements that went to closed beta before being released as part of the finished product.

This testing is a valuable experience in various ways. Firstly it helps ensure new features and enhancements go into general release as bug-free as possible. Secondly it brings customers closer into our development processes which is important, it lets us concentrate on those entities we know you want, as opposed to items we hope you will like. Furthermore by the time it gets to release, we know that it will be robust enough to satisfy even the likes of Platini!