Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar 2016

It won’t be any surprise to you that we’ve got a lot of developers (and other techy people) here at OpenCRM who are more than a little “geeky.” There are the sci-fi fans, the comic book readers and the gamers…a lot of those. So when the opportunity comes up to celebrate a truly geeky holiday, we’re all more than happy to join in.

And Pi Day might just be the geekiest of all geeky holidays. It’s a celebration of a mathematical constant, a number most people only vaguely recall from their school days.

There was a really wonderful article in the New Yorker last year on Pi Day that beautifully articulated why Pi is important. The author talks about the wonder that can be found in pure maths, pointing out that Pi specifically offers us a glimpse of infinity. And I love that idea of mystery and intrigue that surrounds big ideas like Pi.

I equally love the humour and whimsy that comes out every Pi Day, especially the Pi pies. There’s even a website dedicated to the various ways people have to celebrate Pi. You can bake Pi pies, cross stitch some Pi designs, wear your Pi t-shirt, and search for your birth date in Pi.

Pi as a number is hugely important in terms of mathematics, engineering, computing, and just about everything else. Pi Day is just one of those quirks of our Calendar (unless you’re one of those Pi conspiracy theorists) that gives us an excuse to be a bit silly and eat some pie.

Seems like a win win to me.