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How do I unlock an OpenCRM User account? / Help, my account has been locked!

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Request an account to be unlocked

Only users of your system  which we at OpenCRM recognise as authorised contacts can request a user account to be unlocked. This request must be made by email, from the email address we have on record for that contact.

This is for your protection, preventing any unauthorised user contacting us and reactivating accounts that have been locked deliberately by one of your administrators.

Alternatively, your system administrator users can unlock the accounts themselves as detailed below.

How to unlock an account yourself

This is available to any user of your system with "System admin" privileges.

1. In OpenCRM, click the "Settings" option in the top-right of the screen

2. Under "User Management" click the option:

  • "Users - Manage Existing Users"

3. Find the relevant user in the list, click to view that user record.

4. Click "Edit" on the user record and then change the "Status" field to "Active"

5. If the account has been locked because the user has forgotten their password, this can be changed by clicking the "Change Password" button on the user record.


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