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How can I make the most of my To Do List (Activities)? and how can I best use the "Complete" button?

Updated: 23 May 2022 12:18:06 OpenCRM::Calendar OpenCRM::Contacts OpenCRM::Activities OpenCRM::Companies OpenCRM::Opportunities

The "Complete" button is a very useful tool which enables you to progress a job to do such as a Call. Clicking on this button takes you into the Activity Edit screen. From here you can access a multitude of other modules and information without having to leave the screen.

For example if you are making the phone call as scheduled in the Activity, you can open up Company and Contact records, send an email and create an Opportunity all from within the Activity module. This is of benefit for example if you are on a sales call, and whilst you let your client know that you are sending them some information, you can send the email at the same time.

In this screen you can also create a Follow-Up Activity. This automatically pulls through any information from the original activity such as Contact and Company addresses, any additional notes you will have made, and adds "FUP:" to the name of the original Activity, letting you know that it is a follow-up Activity.

For a detailed overview of these functions put into practise, please watch below (or click above to watch a longer video):


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