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Can I customise the sidebar elements on my screen? How do I do this?

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All users are able to customise their sidebars, you do not have to be an admin to do it.

This is done simply by going into your personal account settings (The My Account button at the top of the screen), then hovering over Homepage Settings to see the option for Sidebar Components.

The screen shows you the sidebar elements, in the order that they appear on your screen, in the green box. The elements you currently are not using are in the grey box below. 


Drag and drop the elements to reposition them as suits your needs. you can use as many or as little of these elements as you like.

Don't forget that you can also collapse the sidebar completely, by clicking the small green arrows on the edge of the left side of the screen. this will expand the rest of the screen for you, and is useful for example if you are using a smaller screen. You can restore the sidebar at any time by clicking again on the arrows.



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