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How do I use the sidebar? Can I customise the sidebar elements on my screen? How do I globally turn off modules? Can I choose which modules users can see in the sidebar? How do I hide a module? Can I change the colour of the sidebar?

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Our sidebar is the really the backbone of OpenCRM. It lets you navigate all over the system (and beyond), but still needs to fit your way of working. In this FAQ, we're going to discuss:

  1. Using the sidebar to navigate
  2. Setting your preferred theme
  3. Choosing between expanded or collapsed
  4. And how administrators can customise the order and appearance of modules within the different menus

So with no further ado...


Using the Sidebar to Navigate OpenCRM

Icon #1: Expand/Collapse

The first icon will allow you to expand the sidebar, but we're going to export that in a bit more detail below.

Let’s start with the collapsed sidebar

Icon #2: Home

This icon will take you to the module you have set as the default module on your user record. For most people, this will be your Calendar.

Icon #3: Dashboard

Clicking this icon will take you to your dashboard. You can set what you want to view there on your user record. Just click "Homepage Components."

Icon #4: Jump To

The basic navigation of OpenCRM has moved from a series of tabs along the top of the screen into a more streamlined menu. We call it the “Jump To” menu and you can find it by clicking the arrow in the new sidebar menu.


Icon #5: Quick Create

Clicking the next icon down will open a new menu that will let you easily create any type of record, no matter where you are in the system.

Additionally, if you click the icon on the right side (orange arrow), this new record will open in a new tab within your browser.

Icon #6: Last Viewed

Opening the Last Viewed menu will show you the last 10 records you have viewed in OpenCRM.

Reducing any need to search around the system after you’ve been pulled away from your most recent tasks – jump straight back in just one click!

Icon #7: Links

You can also include links to external sites and systems within OpenCRM using the Links menu.

Adding links to this menu can only be done by administrators, but can be done on a profile-by-profile basis.

Icon #8: Support Desk

Controlling the Support desk is still conveniently located in the sidebar. Simply check in and out of the queue when you need to and keep an overall eye on your current HelpDesk availability.

If you do not have a Team called "Support", this icon will not display.

If you do not have access to this Team, the icon will show as grey.

Icon #9: Message

We’ve also kept the Message widget in the sidebar, by popular demand.

It’s a great place for you to add frequently needed information (wifi password perhaps) or just a little inspirational message for your team.

Only administrators will be able to edit this message.

Icon #10: Target

The vital information stored in your Company and User Target widget is still easy to see in the sidebar.

It will show the current value for the target that is set by default directly in the sidebar. Clicking the number will allow you to drill down into the target values that your user has the permission to view.


Customising the Sidebar

There are two ways you can use the sidebar to tailor your experience of OpenCRM:

  1. Pick the theme that suits you
  2. Expand (or collapse) the Sidebar

Sidebar Theme

We have eight (8) possible themes for you to choose from. To change from the default Green background with White icons (still our favourite) simply go to:

  1. My Account (hover over your name in the top right)
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll down to "Interface Settings"
  4. Choose which theme you want from the "Sidebar Theme" dropdown
  5. Click Save.

The options available to you are: 

Green & White Green & Black Grey & White Grey & Black Green & Grey Grey & Green Light Grey & Green Light Grey & Black


And now to discuss the expanded sidebar:

If you click the expand hamburger icon at the top of the sidebar, it will slide out and present you with the following: 

Clicking the names or arrow icons on any of the four sidebar widgets with right side arrows will expand them. This will give you a sidebar that allows you to navigate with a single click should you need's easier to show you: 

You can see that this sidebar is scrollable with the centre wheel on your mouse, so you don't have to worry about accidentally "hiding" things.

It is also sticky, so however you leave it when you sign out of OpenCRM, it will remain that way for your user, until you change it. 

The bottom three icons will collapse the sidebar (and it will remain collapsed until you click the hamburger icon at the top again). These widgets are not currently compatible with an expanded sidebar, but it is on our roadmap to explore doing so.


Customising or Editing the Modules in the Sidebar

In Version 4, it is possible to change the order of the modules in the sidebar. You can also globally hide a module from the sidebar, so it does not appear for any of your users. If you want to alter this on a profile or user basis, however, you will want to read this Knowledgebase article on permissions.

To make these changes, go to Settings and scroll down to the Studio block. Click "Customise Menus"

From here you can drag modules from the "Selected Modules" list (right hand side) to the "Available Modules" (left side) and click save. 

This will remove them from the Jump to and Quick Create menus.

To change the order of these menus, simply drag the modules around on the "Selected Modules" list and click save. You can also reset to alphabetical should you need to.

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