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How do I link Users to Personnel records in OpenCRM

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You are able to link a User record to a Personnel record. This will give you an at-a-glance overview of the Pending Activities, Historic Activities and Emails that are linked to that particular User.

This information is stored in separate tabs than the existing Activities and Emails that you would be using to track your own interaction with your Personnel. For example if you set a monthly activity for a review/ catch-up with your Personnel, you will be able to see this quickly and easily, as it is contained in a separate sub-tab.

How to link a Personnel record to a User

This can be done on the "Link to User" field on the Personnel module. Use the drop-down to select the relevant User.

Once this is done, the User Pending, User History and User Emails will automatically be linked under the relevant sub-tabs at the bottom of the Personnel record:

These tabs work the same way as the standard Pending/ History/ Emails sub-tabs - for example when you complete an Activity (changing the status to Done) the activity will move from the User Pending to the User History sub-tab.

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