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 Sync Contacts and Calendars between OpenCRM and third party applications.

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There are a number of FAQ's that cover the various methods and utilities/applications to sync (synchronise) Contacts and Calendar items from OpenCRM with third party applications including Google and Outlook.

This FAQ is written specifically to remind you that the process to synchronise data from OpenCRM to your chosen device can be a sophisticated one. Even though the tools available from Software Add-ons and other third party providers will explain what needs to be done, as a warning please remember that what you are trying to achieve can have many quirks and kinks.

Whenever you integrate applications there are many elements that need to be fully understood.

Different applications may be required to act as a conduit from Google to deliver your desired solution.

It is ultimately your responsibility to configure these applications and tools which may have specific considerations depending on how your computers/servers are set up.

Always back up your data before you embark on this type of project and seek professional advice if you feel at all nervous about what is required.

Synchronising too much data, causing duplicates OR having an external application delete records can have a serious effect.

Speak to your OpenCRM account manager so that we can estimate the chargeable professional services time you might need for us to manage the integration with you.

Remember : If you make a mistake it can have serious and wide ranging ramifications on the data integrity within OpenCRM. Errors caused may not be easily reversed and could prove to be costly as any correction will be chargeable.

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