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Copy Product Links between Parent  (Member Of) and Child Company.
Can products I link to a parent company be linked and removed from child companies automatically?

Updated: 17 May 2022 18:18:37 OpenCRM::Products

Within "Addtional Settings" you will find the following settings

Enabling the first of these settings will add two check boxes to the Company to Product Relationship screen as below

Ticking the first of these boxes will, if the company has any linked companies set to be a Member Of, copy the link for this product to the linked companies. Ticking the second box will remove the linked product from any companies that are a Member Of the currenct company.

Enabling the additional two options from Additional Settings will automate this process further.

When setting the "member of" (parent) of a company, copy product links from the parent company, where the link is set to copy to children. (Reccommended ON if copy to member of setting is ON)

If this setting is enabled then "Add/Update link to product on all 'member of' companies" will remain ticked when selected. If a new child is added to the parent company as a Member Of products ticked will be linked automatically.

When changing the "member of" (parent) of a company, remove product links that were copied from the previous parent company (Reccommended ON if copy to member of setting is ON)

If this setting is enabled product links will automiatically be removed from the child company if the parent / Member Of company is changed and those products were linked to both with the "Add/Update link to product on all 'member of' companies" box ticked.



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