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How can I customise my OpenCRM solution? How can I change screen design settings for my Users?

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There are many different ways of Customising your OpenCRM solution. Much of this customisation can be done at Global, Group (or Team) or individual User level. This enables you to set up and run OpenCRM in a manner which suits your organisation's needs best, allowing you to set different levels of security, access to data or the ability to edit, import and export records.

In this guide we will look at the following:

  • How to edit the TABS displayed along the top of the screen
  • How to edit the FIELDS within each module in OpenCRM
  • How to change the HOME screen in OpenCRM
  • How to edit the SIDEBAR elements on screen in OpenCRM

As we are covering a wide range of functions within this one document, we will be referring you to other FAQ documents for detailed instuctions on how to carry out your customisation.

How to edit the TABS displayed along the top of the screen

The Tabs are the buttons you click along the top of the screen to access the different modules such as Contacts, Quotes, Helpdesk and more:

Your OpenCRM solution may only use a small number of Tabs that are available. You are able to select which Tabs are displayed as well as selecting the order in which they appear on your screen. Hiding the Tabs from display does not delete them, and the Tabs can be restored to your display at any time.

How do I reorder the TABS to better reflect how we need to use OpenCRM?

How do I remove tabs from OpenCRM globally, so that they disappear from ALL users displays?

How can I change which tabs are displayed for different users or groups of Users:

How to edit the FIELDS within each module in OpenCRM

Each module contains a number of fields. There are a number of standard fields which are fairly self-explanatory. Shown is an example of fields in the Company module:

You may find your organisation needs to add more fields to any module or for simplicity you wish to have fields turned off, or listed in a different order. This is all easily done within OpenCRM.

This FAQ will show you how to add custom fields as well as select their position in the record grid, and which settings you with to accord to that field:

Assigning different levels of security and User permissions:

You can also create context-sensitive fields within OpenCRM:

Renaming standard fields needs to be done by an OpenCRM operator. Please contact your project manager or support for more information.

How to change the HOME screen in OpenCRM

The Home screen shows data relevant to each User and their Group or Team. This can typically include data such as Current Open Opportunities, Activities, Invoices Due and so on.

You can select whether to have the information displayed in one or two columns. This is to help provide you with an optimised visualisation of your page depending on your screen size. For further details please refer to this FAQ:

You can rearrange the Home screen elements to display the information you require. For more details on how to do this please refer to this FAQ:

You can also add statistics to the Key Metrics display on the homepage, this is done by adding a particular view of records to Key Metrics. Please refer to this FAQ (with video) on how to create a custom view:

How to edit the SIDEBAR elements on screen in OpenCRM

The Sidebar is the name for the list of tools you have available on screen running down the left side of the page. This Sidebar can be hidden from your screen by clicking on the small arrows on the left side of the page. This becomes useful if you have a smaller monitor or display screen. The Sidebar can be brought back onto screen by clicking on the arrows again.

There are a number of different tools you can have within your Sidebar and these can also be moved up and down within the Sidebar so you have the information most useful to you at the top of the page. For details on editing the Sidebar please refer to this FAQ (with video):

New Configuration Options: "Quick Create" and "Jump To"

There are also a couple of new configuration options available, with use of OpenCRM on tablets and smartphones in mind. Firstly you can increase your screen real estate by removing the Quick Create bar across the top of the screen and replace this with the "Quick Create" option in the sidebar. For details on how to make this change please refer to the following FAQ: How-do-I-nbsp;turn-on-the-Quick-Create-component-in-the-sidebar- Where-has-my--quot;New---quot;-menu-gone- How-do-I-create-a-new-record-from-the-sidebar-component.html

Furthermore you can add the "Jump To" element to the Sidebar. This is a way of accessing all the different modules you have enabled in your OpenCRM, without needing to scroll across the modules menu at the top of the page. Details on how to install this can be seen on the video here: How-do-I-nbsp;turn-on-the-Quick-Create-component-in-the-sidebar- Where-has-my--quot;New---quot;-menu-gone- How-do-I-create-a-new-record-from-the-sidebar-component.html



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