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Webhooks - push data to third party systems

Updated: 06 January 2023 09:47:38 OpenCRM::Settings::API OpenCRM::Settings::Integration OpenCRM::Data Import-Export

Webhooks help push information between disparate systems by triggering the sending of data over HTTP. Many hosted applications will support receiving data via HTTP and here we explain how OpenCRM can be used to push information to third parties in this way.

It is possible to add buttons to OpenCRM consult and edit screens which can be used to push information from that record to 3rd party systems via a URL. This could be a 3rd party systems API or webhook end point. 

This includes the ability to push information from the current record (in OpenCRM) to the third party application.

It is also possible to update OpenCRM records with the information provided by an HTTP link, from a button added to the OpenCRM record. 

This is currently only configurable by OpenCRM's professional service team. Please get in touch with us with your requirements. 

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