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Configuring your domain for OpenCRM (Emails)

Updated: 05 February 2024 16:27:29 OpenCRM::Emails Windows::Outlook Hosted::Services Hosted::Services::Domain Hosted::Services::Email

Beginning February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will require DKIM and DMARC for anyone sending more than 5,000 emails to Gmail or Yahoo addresses in a 24-hour period. 

To prevent your emails from bouncing, we strongly recommend configuring your domain with a DKIM record for OpenCRM and a basic DMARC record. 

In order to successfully send emails from OpenCRM using your own domain and ensure your emails do not get rejected or land in spam or junk folders, there are two things you need to do and one which is recommended (especially for bulk mailing).

  • Add OpenCRM to your domain's SPF Record (Essential) - Guide
  • Add a DKIM record to your domain for OpenCRM (Essential) - Guide
  • Add a DMARC policy to your domain (Recommended) - Guide

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