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Improve deliverability of emails sent from OpenCRM. How to prevent emails sent from OpenCRM being rejected or landing in Spam/Junk folders

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Some key things to consider to help make sure emails sent from OpenCRM land in your recipients inboxes are.

1. Ensure your domain is correctly configured for sending through OpenCRM

Your domain should be correctly setup with DKIM, SPF and DMARC records allowing emails to be sent from OpenCRM. 

  • Configuring your domain for OpenCRM (Emails).

2. Include an Unsubscribe/Do not email link

Your email should include a link a user can follow to automatically unsubscribe from your emails. This is now a requirement for several large email providers (e.g. Google, Yahoo).  OpenCRM can help you with this: 

  • How do I manage marketing subscription lists? (GDPR)
  • How do I build a Marketing Email Template in OpenCRM?

3. Check the content of your email, images and links

The content of your email should be relevant. There are also several online services you can use to check the content of the email for any content which may be picked up as Spam-like by spam checkers. 

4. Manage your email lists

Make sure you are managing your email lists effectively - repeatedly emailing addresses which bounce, or that report you for spamming will harm the reputation of your domain and make it more likely your emails will be rejected. 

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