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How does the Mapping tool work in OpenCRM? I want to see the locations of my Leads, Companies and Contacts on a Map, how do I do this?

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You've actually got two options when it comes to mapping your Leads, Contacts, and Companies in OpenCRM: 

  1. Click on postcode
  2. Show Map / Change Co-ordinates Buttons

Option 1: Clicking on the postcode (Google Maps / Earth)

When you navigate to the Consult view of a Lead, Contact, or Company and click on the postcode you get a popup showing that location on Google Maps.

From here, you can send or save that location just the same way you would when you use Google Maps normally.

Using Google Earth Instead

You can use Google Earth instead of Google Maps by going to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Interface settings and ticking the relevant box:

You can choose whether the open the map in Map, Terrain, or Satellite view by going to Settings -> Additional Setting -> Maps and selecting your preferred view:

Option 2: Show Map / Coordinates Buttons

When you click the "Show Map" (home screen) or "Change Coordinates" (consult screen) buttons, you will see an altogether different screen. 

This uses an API set up with Geonames (a free service at the time of writing). 

IMPORTANT: You will need to complete the configuration of your Geonames account for this feature to work. See this FAQ for details.

To access this feature you need to tick the records whose locations you want to see on a map, then press the Maps button above the grid:

The first time you do this, you will see this message, and you need to configure mapping for your system:

You will need to click the link and follow the simple on-screen instructions to get your system configured.

Once the map feature has been configured, using it to display your Leads, Contacts, or Companies couldn’t be easier. Simply tick the records that you want displayed on the map, or tick the top tick box to select all contacts on the page, and then click the ‘Show Map’ button.

A map will open within a new tab in the centre of your screen and there will be a marker added to the map for each contact that you selected to be displayed.

Clicking on the icon pops up information relevant to that Lead, Contact or Company, and following the "View Details" link will open that record in a new window.

Navigating the Map

Navigating around the map is very straightforward and if you have previously used an interactive map you should find the controls very familiar.

  • Panning – Click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the map and move the mouse to drag the map around.
  • Zooming – There are two methods of zooming you can use the zoom icons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out. You can also double click to zoom into the next level.

NB: Please note that any record without an address or with an address whose coordinates could not be found will not be displayed on the map.


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