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How do I use multi-currency / currency fields in PDF Templates?

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There are a number of options available which help when using currency / multicurrency fields in PDF templates. 

Currency Symbol

tag: $currency_symbol

Including this tag within your PDF template will merge the currency symbol relevant to the currency set on the record you are merging from (e.g. If your Quote is set to use Pounds Sterling then the PDF will merge the £ character).


Dynamically Merging the Value of the Selected Currency

To dynamically merge the value of a multi-currency field using the value for the correct currency as set on the record, add a "0" to the end of the field tag. 

e.g.: amount0 or cf_765_0 (if you are using a custom field) will merge the numeric value held in the Amount field - this is the default currency amount figure set on the record [if the Quote is set to use Dollars - then this tag will always output the value held in the amount field] you would append the $currency_symbol tag so that the output would show the correct amount and the default currency symbol.


Merge value of a set currency

If you want to merge the value of a multi-currency field and choose the value of a specific currency, add a 1,2,3,4 or 5 to the end of the field tag, where the number corresponds to the order of the currency in the multicurrency drop down.

e.g. : amount3 or cf_876_3 would result in outputting the Dollar exchanged figure If the multi currency drop down was listed;

  1. Sterling £
  2. Euros €
  3. Dollars $
  4. Australian Dollars AUD$
  5. Dirham AED

This displays the Amount numeric value held in the database converted into Dollars - if you are specifying a specific currency field you could append the correct currency symbol - in this case $.

Note : Because you are specifying the Dollar Amount figure you are able to add the $ currency symbol without the need to use a tag.


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