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What is the OpenCRM File Uploader and how can I use it? Can I use it got upload Word, Excel documents to OpenCRM? 

Updated: 18 May 2022 08:39:35 OpenCRM::Documents OpenCRM::Add-in::File Uploader

Using the OpenCRM File Uploader is a quick and easy way of importing documents into your OpenCRM system. This is a program that you install and set up with your system and user information. By hitting GO the program will automatically import documents from a specified source into a designated location in OpenCRM. 

Downloading File Uploader

A link to download the File Uploader can be found at the bottom of this FAQ.

Download and extract the Uploader from the Zip file.

Double clicking the file will open the setup, and you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to install the File Uploader on your computer.

You may see a message "Windows protected your PC" or similar, if you see this message click on "More info" and then "Run anyway" to continue with the installation.

Setting up your File Uploader

Once the installation is completed you can load the File Uploader from your Start menu.

The File Uploader has two screens, on the first you will enter your OpenCRM system and login details and on the second you will configure the file upload settings.


On the Login tab enter:

  • The URL of your OpenCRM system e.g.
  • Your OpenCRM Username and Password
  • Your API code, this is the "Mobile Code" on your OpenCRM user record. If you do not see a code for your account, edit your user record and tick the "Mobile Enabled" box and ensure after save that it says "on".
  • Ticking the Save Password box means the fields are automatically filled in when you start the program. The Go! and Stop! buttons do exactly what they say, starting and stopping the File Uploader. Do not click Go! until you have completed the setup under the "Settings" tab.

The Settings tab has a number of configuration options, the only required setting is the "Watch Folder"

  • The Watch Folder is the location which the program monitors for files to be uploaded. Click Browse to select your folder. If this folder contains subfolders which also need to be monitored tick "Include Subfolders"
  • Ignore file names containing - here you can tell the Uploader to ignore certain filenames, keywords or file types. Values are entered as a comma separated list e.g. .EXE,.ZIP
  • Link uploaded items to this CRMID - here you can specify a single record to link all uploaded documents to.
  • Poll Frequency – how often the program checks for new files to upload.
  • Start Automatically – the program will load automatically when Windows starts.
  • Compress before upload – this will compress the documents into zip files, useful if you are uploading large files and bandwidth is a concern.
  • Send Notification – this sends email notification to the user specified in the login settings each time a file is uploaded. The notification provides the name of the file and a link to the document.
  • Store uploaded in subfolders – this creates sub-folders for each uploaded file within your watch folder. The sub-folders are named using the CRMID assigned to the file that has been uploaded.
  • Move files after upload - this allows you to move the uploaded files into an "uploaded" or "failed" folder. If you choose not to turn this on then they will remain in the "Watch Folder". Files are only uploaded once regardless of whether this option is on or off and "Uploaded" and "failed" folders are created even if the option is off.​

Advanced Options 

It is possible for OpenCRM to process filenames to extract identifying data such as a name, post code, phone number and use this to link a document / file to a matching contact, company etc. by checking certain key fields within OpenCRM. More complex still it is possible to apply conditional rules for deciding if a file should be uploaded for example a contact is of a certain type, or has a certain check box selected.

These advanced options require some development, please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

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