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What merge variables (tags) do I need to use in automated Helpdesk emails?

Updated: 23 May 2022 08:44:56 OpenCRM::Emails OpenCRM::Helpdesk

As with the various other modules in OpenCRM, you can send emails from the Helpdesk module and use merge variables (tags) to include information from the Helpdesk Ticket in your email.

Standard merge variables relating to the Helpdesk module look like this: $rel_helpdesk_ fieldname, for example $rel_helpdesk_id. A full list of available merge variables can be found in this FAQ.

Certain special tags are also available for automated Comment Emails and Closed Emails, which are triggered when the boxes to send comment or closed emails are used on Tickets. These can be found below the Record Activity/ Comment Description box:

Send Comment to Customer


This will pull the description from the helpdesk comment activity, and include this in the email

Send Closed Email

$helpdesk_solution and $rel_helpdesk_solution can both be used

This means you only need to create one template which can be used for both manual and triggered emails.

Both the comments and closed emails will merge tags that are entered into the comment or solution. This is a unique scenario and will only happen when triggered from the ticket. If you create an email to send the closed message, tags in the solution will not be merged.

Adding an FAQ link into the Email

If you have published FAQs stored in your OpenCRM, you can share links to these in your automated Helpdesk Comment emails

Firstly use the FAQ section in the Ticket to link one or more FAQs to the Ticket:

Clicking the Add Faq list tag to comment icon will insert the following text into the Description, including the $faqlist merge variable:

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