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How are the balance fields on the Company records in OpenCRM calculated?

Updated: 17 May 2022 21:19:03 OpenCRM::Companies

The balance fields on the company account are calculated as follows:

  • Outstanding Balance / Total Balance  = Sum of all invoices (Credit notes deducted), regardless of due date - includes future due invoices
  • Due Balance = Sum of all invoices (Credit notes deducted) which are currently due (due date is today or earlier)
  • Overdue = Sum of all invoices still outstanding X days after the DUE DATE where X is the number of days allowed for payment as per the "Balance Days" field on the company
  • Outstanding 0-30 / 30-60/ 60-90 / 90-120 = Sum of all invoices where the DUE DATE falls within the relevant time period (0-30 days ago, 30-60 days ago etc)
  • Sage Balance = A direct reflection of the current balance in Sage

N.b. Because the overdue balance is based on the due date + X days, there will not necessarily be a direct correlation between the overdue balance and the 30/60/90 day balances etc which are based on only the due date.

If the balance days on a company is 0, then there will be a direct correlation between the 30/60/90/120 figures and the overdue amount - the overdue amount in this case would be the total of all these figures. The 30/60/90/120 balances are a reflection of what is due from those periods, not what is currently overdue.

Outstanding balance includes future invoices, so is not necessarily what is currently DUE - it is the total balance of ALL invoices linked to that company

For Example:

Here is a list of Invoices raised against a Company over a recent period of time. All the Invoices have a Status of Created, therefore they are all Outstanding:

In the following screenshot of the Credit Control block, you can see a number of values populating various fields, corresponding with the information above -

As the Balance Days is set to 30 Days, the Overdue Balance (£11,000) does not include any invoices which are less than 30 days old, therefore it does not include the Outstanding Amount 0-30 Days (£10,000).

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