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How do I use the FAQ module? How do I make FAQs available to my customers?

Updated: 26 February 2019 16:09:31 OpenCRM::Helpdesk::FAQ OpenCRM::Portal

This module can be used to store internal procedural documents. It can also, using the customer portal, allow you to post Knowledgebase articles that can be made available to your customer base.

To Create a New FAQ

1. Navigate to the FAQ module and click New FAQ.

2. At the top of the screen you have a number of pick-list fields.

You can select:

            - The Category and Product to which the FAQ relates (if applicable)
            - Your username will be added as the ‘Assigned to’ field automatically.
            - Select a Status for the FAQ.
            - You can attach documents or a video (see FAQ) to the FAQ using the fields provided.

3. Specify the question being addressed. This is the field most people will search on, so try to write it with this in mind.

4. Use the answer field to write your solution and/or step-by-step guide.

5. There are security settings available, if you would like to limit who among your users can view this particular FAQ.

6. When you are satisfied with your FAQ click Save.


To Add Your FAQ to the Portal

Before you can make your FAQs available to your customers, you must install your customer portal (FAQ). Then it is simply a matter of marking your FAQ as ‘Published’ in the status field and click Save. This will display your FAQ to those of your contacts with portal access.

When giving one of your contacts portal access, to ensure that they can view FAQs, simply tick the box on their record.

When they sign into your portal, all they have to do to view and search your FAQs is click the link to HelpDesk and select FAQs from the menu on the right.









It will appear like this:

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