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How do I report on the Audit Log?

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The first step is to Activate Audit Logging to capture the information you want to report on.  If this is not already activated on your system, you can do this by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Audit Log Settings and enable the following:

Turning this feature on creates a log of the changes made to your records which you can report on.  More on that in a moment.  You can also click the audit link to the top right of any record to see all the changes which have been logged for that particular record, latest changes first.  To get more specific though, we turn to Reports.

Below are two frequently requested reports:

How do I make a Report to show a specific users' actions in a particular module over time?

For example: How can I see how many Contacts a user has deleted this month?

  1. Go to Reports and click Create New Report.  From the first pick list, select Audit Trail and from the second pick list, pick the area of the system you want to report on. For this example we will be using Contacts.
  2. Go to the second block, Select Columns and add the Audit Columns Action, Date and User ID as well as the details from the Report you need, for example, First Name and Last name.
  3. Go to the Specify Criteria block and under Standard Filters keep the preselected Audit Trail option and in the last two columns put the start and end of the time period you are interested in investigating.  In this case, just select Current Month from the middle column.
  4. Glance down to Advanced Filters.  This is where we can narrow down our search to just items which have been deleted.
  5. Then just hit Save and Run and save your report in the appropriate folder for its module.


Your results will then look something like this:

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