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How can I map fields between modules to set fields on creation?

Updated: 17 May 2022 21:08:58 OpenCRM::Settings

It is possible to map fields between some entities from within the settings, as detailed below; but there are also some important things to remember when setting this up, as there is a potential for conflicts to occur, which may result in fields having values which appear wrong.  This mapping ability allows the mapping of custom fields to custom field.  If you require the mapping of a custom field to a standard system field, standard field to custom field, or standard field to standard field, please contact your account manager.


The area to configure the mapping between entities is found within Settings, under the Studio section and within the Field Mapping sub-section.  This will list the available mappings from one entity to another.  

Each of the options has its own link in order to facilitate the configuration of each mapping.  Clicking on the link will give a screen as follows:

Field Mapping Scrren - Company to Opportunity

The left fields show the field which is going to be mapped from, and on the right is a drop down of the custom fields on the destination module.  In the instance above, it lists custom field son a company record which can be mapped to an opportunity.

Once mappings have been set from one module to another, and have been saved, the mappings will occur at the next creation of a record for the destination module.  In the example above, if we set the Account Manager field from a company to map through to the opportunity (see below), then when we create a new opportunity from the contact screen, it will set the account manager on the opportunity to be the same as on the company.

Custom field mapping - mapped


The field mappings will only occur when an entity is created directly from another record.  That is, to get the mapping working from a company to opportunity, the "New Opportunity" button on the company record must be used.  This "New..." option is what causes the mappings between the entities to take place, and must be used on the other modules to create the quotes, sales orders, purchase orders and invoices as well as the opportunities.

New Entity button for quotes, orders, invoices and opportunities

Notes and Warnings

Please note if you map to the same field from multiple record types this may cause a conflict on creation of a new record. The conflict will be resolved in favour of the linked Company where one is present. Please see the examples below for more information.

Where field A on Contacts and Field B on Companies is mapped to Field X on Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order or Invoice.

Scenario 1: The Contact has a linked Company, on creation of a new Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order or Invoice the Company mapping will be used

Scenario 2: The Contact has no linked Company, on creation of a new Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order or Invoice the Contact values will be used


Where there is a conflict of mapping from Contact/Company/Opportunity to Quote, Sales Order or Invoice

For example Field A on Contacts, Field B on Companies and Field C on Opportunities is mapped to Field X on Sales Order

Scenario 1: The Opportunity is linked to a Contact and Company, the value from Field B on the Company will be used

Scenario 2: The Opportunity has only a Contact linked the value from Field A on the Contact will be used

Where a conflict has been caused between a field on an Opportunity and a Contact or Company the value from the Opportunity will NEVER be used.

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