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What is activity scoring, and how do I use it?

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Activity scoring is a simple way of adding a weighting to the importance of activities and, if desired, having these weightings aggregated on contact, companies and leads in order to gauge how much interaction has occurred between those and yourself.  It is fully customisable so the different weightings for different activity types can be managed within your system.

In order to enable the activity scoring, go to Settings > Additional Settings then, under "Activity Settings" there will be the following options:

Activity scoring settings within OpenCRM

The first three settings and the last setting do as they say, and are self explanatory.  The fourth setting is there to determine if the individual users can edit the automatically allocated scores within the activity themselves. This is not controlled at a user profile level, so if it is turned on, all users will be able to change the scores for activities when they create or edit an activity.

When activity scoring is enabled, the "Activity Score" field will show on activities within the "Activity Details" block, as shown below; which also shows the field when the "Allow editing of activity score by users" is left off:

Activity score box in OpenCRM with the ability to edit the score turned off

The activity score is controlled by changing the "Activity Type" drop down on the activity, and will change the score to whatever score is to be set for that particular type of activity.  This can be customised within OpenCRM by going to Settings > Picklist Settings > Activity Picklist and clicking the "Edit" link on the "Activity Score" row:

OpenCRM Activity Scoring edit option

This will then go to the edit screen where two boxes will appear, side by side.  The left hand side one lists the different Activity Types in the system, and the right hand box lists the related Activity Score.  New entries can be added, one per line:

Activity scoring edit screen within OpenCRM

If the activity scores are set to aggregate to companies, contacts and / or Leads they will be calculated into the "Aggregated Activity Score" field, shown below for a company record:

Company record with an aggregate activity score

You can also set an Aggregated Activity Score using workflow to create an activity which is linked to your Contact, Company or Lead. For example, you can set this so that when a subject meets/contains certain critiria then the score for that Activity will be updated.

Once you have configured activity scoring on your system, you can either start the scoring from that point in time, or, if you want to re-set all previous activities, you will need to get in touch with our support team

WARNING: Doing this cannot be undone by yourselves or by OpenCRM support.

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