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Inbound SMS, return address, costs and setup?

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Within OpenCRM you can send an outbound SMS. By default this SMS shows a 'sender name' that is not a mobile number and therefore does not allow for a reply. This works well for alerting and knowledge transfer messages but on occasions you want to receive replies to the messages you send.

There are two ways to accomplish this, the first is to replace the 'sender name' on your outbound SMS account with a mobile number that you already own - any replies will be received on this device.

The second option which we will focus on in more detail here, is to set up an SMS to Email account and use this SMS number as your 'sender name' for outbound messages enabling any replies to be received by this inbound number and have the replies converted to an email and delivered to the designated email account.

Note : Remember, with most email providers, you can generally set up a distribution list to deliver these emails to a group of people if this is required, therefore these inbound SMS messages can be received by a wider audience.

You can use any inbound SMS service, the one that we use ourselves and therefore have some knowledge of is

Setting this up - Timescales

It usually takes 48 hours to have the new number setup, however you should allow up to 14 days for to get the number in place, on occasions and because of the regulation around new numbers being allocated, delays can occur whilst checks are completed.

Costs & Charges

Number rental : This is a monthly amount charged either 6 monthly or annually in advance.

For more details of pricing please refer to the following page:


1. Complete Application form online ( - you will need to sign up for a account prior to completing this application - this application includes online payment for the 6 or 12 month period.

2. Wait for allocation of number and confirmation.

3. Set this number as the 'Sender Name' on the outbound SMS account.

4. Set the Receiving email for inbound SMS's.

5. Test that inbound SMS to the number receives message and converts/delivers message to designated email account.

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