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Can I notify the previous user when a record is re-assigned? Can I track the date and previous user when a record is re-assigned?

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This feature is available in the following modules: Contacts, Contracts, Leads, Companies, Opportunities, Help Desk, Quotes, Invoices, Campaigns, Events, Projects, Personnel, Products, Custom Contacts 1, Custom Contacts 2, and Custom Projects.

Turn on this feature 

This feature is turned off by default, so one of your system administrators will need to switch it on. 

To do this, navigate to Settings->Additional Settings->Notifications 

You can then choose to turn on this feature by module. 

Reassigning a record

To re-assign a record, click on the Assigned To: field and choose the user you would like to reassign as the record owner.

Then click on the Save button when record is populated correctly.

After the record has saved the Reassigned Date and Previous Assigned User (in brackets) will be populated in the Detail View for the record that has been reassigned.

The record above has been reassigned to Administrator but the previous owner was the Super User, in this example both will be notified by email that this record has now been reassigned.


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