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How does OpenCRM calculate VAT compared to Sage?

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Sage VAT calculation works as follows:

  • Sage calculates VAT by applying VAT to the total of each line - e.g if it was two items at £15 each, the calculation would be VAT =  2 x 15 x 0.175
  • Sage rounds the value of each line total and adds up each VAT line total to give the overrall total.

With OpenCRM we have the following methods of VAT calculation:

  • Calculate and round on the overrall total (default on older systems)
  • Calculate vat on line totals and round the overrall VAT total (default on newer systems and can be activated for older)
  • Calculate vat on line totals and round per line - matching exactly what Sage does (available from version 2.8 onwards)

Should you wish to change from one method of VAT calculation to another please contact the Software Add-ons support desk where we will either change this configuration setting for you or schedule an update to your system if required.


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