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Browser Security - Which browsers can I use to access OpenCRM? Which browsers do you support?

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As you might expect we constantly review our security policy on the OpenCRM infrastructure, especially in the light of what the security community has learnt from previous high profile internet attacks.

One of the key considerations is how we manage encryption when you connect to your OpenCRM system, we have always adopted a safe secure approach which forces you to use an encrypted connection whenever you login and view any data in OpenCRM. There are different levels of encryption that we can support and as you might expect some of these older ones are less secure, any changes to the level of encryption methods we disallow will then limit which versions of internet browser you can use.

Our Terms and Conditions specify that the OpenCRM infrastructure supports the latest browser version plus the most recent previous browser version. Although we generally recommend this approach for a number of well documented reasons we have never generally insisted or restricted access from older browsers. This is what we are now considering enforcing.

What do I do next?

You will need to check your browser usage by your users and do one of two things.

Start by confirming that you are using the latest or one older version of a browser from the approved list (please see below).

1. If you are, then you do not need to do anything further and any changes that we implement will not affect you.

2. If you are using an older browser you will need to either update this browser (in particular users of Internet Explorer are an important consideration here) OR switch to one of the approved browsers from the list below.

As you will notice from the list below we have not introduced any restrictions that should cause you any issues and it is arguable that by carrying on using an old unsupported browser you are making your web surfing more vulnerable and therefore as a best practice you should already be using one from the list provided.

Approved Browsers and Versions


Microsoft Windows
7 and above

Apple Mac OSX
10.11 and above
Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer

11 and above

(if you are on 9 or 10,
contact our support team)

Microsoft Edge





What if I can’t use a recommended browser?

In the unlikely event that you are unable to use one of the recommended browsers you should get in touch with us straight away, although like many in the internet security world, we do not anticipate any of our changes causing a serious level of disruption, a call with our support team will help understand where any issue may arise and we will do our utmost to offer alternatives.

What if I am an Internet Explorer user...

Internet Explorer has its own set of well documented technical challenges which means that although you will be able to use IE 9 and greater to access OpenCRM, it is worth noting, in common with a number of other online services, IE11 will become our minimum required version.

Does this mean that OpenCRM is guaranteed to work in all of these older browser versions?

We have always been committed to allowing access from a wide range of browsers and devices, however in terms of Supported versions we will still only actively support the current version and the most recent previous version of the mainstream browsers.

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