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I negotiate bespoke prices for my products with each company/customer? How can I easily quote the same products at the same prices without having to re-enter all the information?

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If you negotiate a price with a customer for a product and then regularly re-sell the same products at the same prices to the same customer, regardless of the actual price fluctuations of the product itself, then there is a feature of OpenCRM which can help you with this.

To enable this for Quote, head to Settings > Additional Settings > Quote Settings and tick the following option:

To do the same for Sales Orders go to Settings > Additional Settings > Sales Order Settings and tick the following option:

To do the same for Invoices go to Settings > Additional Settings > Invoice Settings and tick the following option:

It is possible for the system to automatically copy a link to Products added to Quotes/Orders/Invoices to a company back to the Company record itself, including the prices quoted. You can then quickly generate a new Quote/Order at the same prices.

This feature works as follows:

1. Create Quote/ Sales Order/ Invoice as normal.

2. On save of Quote/ Sales Order/ Invoice, a link to each Product included on the Quote/ Sales Order/ Invoice is copied back to the Company record, including the price quoted.

3. From the Company record, you can go to the linked Products tab to view all Products linked (previously ordered/ quoted) and the quoted prices.

4. You can select the products using the tickboxes to the left and then click New Quote / New Sales Order / New Invoice to generate a new Quote/ Sales Order/ Invoice including those Products

5. You will be presented with a pop-up which will ask if you want to use the prices you last quoted. If you choose "no", it will take the standard prices from the Product.

6. If you adjust the prices on the new Sales Order/ Quote/ Invoice, the new price will be copied back to the Company link when the record is saved.

Alternatively, you may want to use Price Books to manage some of these price alterations. For more information on Price Books please see this FAQ:

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