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How do I add my logo so that it appears in the top right of my system and also appears on PDF's that are produced in OpenCRM?

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The first time an administrator logs into your system, you will be presented with the Set-Up Wizard (FAQ). You will be able to easily add a company logo at that time.

If you ever need to upload a new logo, you should follow these steps;

1. Select SETTINGS (Top Right)

2. In the CONFIGURATION panel, select the COMPANY INFORMATION option

3. On this page you should select the EDIT button

4. LOGO NAME select the CHOOSE FILE button and locate and select the image you wish to use

5. Confirm and save

There are some general guidelines for logos, they should be:

  • JPG format
  • optimised for the web
  • maximum width of 160 pixels (although OpenCRM will resize as appropriate if the image is too large).

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