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How Do I setup Email Integration (Pop2OpenCRM) with my Microsoft 365 Account?

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OpenCRM can integrate with your Email Server, importing a copy of all of your Sent and Received Emails and presenting them alongside your client records.  If you have an Enterprise Subscription to Office365, you can follow the steps below to achieve this integration.


  • Access to your Office365 Exchange Admin Page.
  • Two Users with Mailboxes named with the following convention: opencrm_inbound & opencrm_outbound [this will require two Office365 subscriptions]


  • Two contacts setup in your address book with associated external mail addresses on another mail system - these need to be separate mailboxes and we suggest you use a similar naming convention as above.


1. Log in to your Admin console at

2. Click the small grid of squares at the top left of the screen and select Admin:

In the Menu on the left, expand Settings:

Then select Services & add-ins:

Then in the centre pane, choose Mail:

Then under Mail flow, click "Custom mail rules":


3. This will load your Mail Flow Rules, a page which is probably, at this point, empty.  Click the + at the top to add your First Mail Flow Rule:


4. Choose the first option to "Create a New Rule":


5. In the Pop Up window that opens, in the first box, name your Rule: OpenCRM Outbound.

6. In the second box, "Apply this rule if..." choose, "The sender is located..."

7. Then choose, "Inside the Organization":

8. In the next box, "Do the following..." select "Bcc message to...":

9. In the box that opens, select your opencrm_outbound Office365 user or the external contact from your address book that you created as part of the prerequisites and then save.  Save your Rule using the Save option at the bottom of the window.  Your outgoing emails will now be logged in OpenCRM.  Time to do the same thing for your inbound emails.

10. Add a New Rule (see step 3) and call it OpenCRM Inbound.  Under "Apply this rule if..."  

choose, "The recipient is located...": "Outside the organization"


11. In the next box "Do the following...", choose, "Bcc the message to..."

12.  In the box that opens, select your opencrm_inbound Office365 user or the external contact from your address book that you created as part of the prerequisites and then save.  Save your Rule using the Save option at the bottom of the window.  Your received emails can now be logged in OpenCRM.

Assuming that you do not have any other Mail Flow rules in place, your Mail Flow console should now look like this:


And copies of your incoming and outgoing emails are now being collected in your two new mailboxes.  The final part of the integration is that OpenCRM needs to be able to see what is in these mailboxes.  For that to happen, just send an email to with the user names and passwords for the two prerequisite accounts you created and we will complete your setup for you.

Do you use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365/O365) Advanced Threat Protection?

If you have advanced threat protection enabled on your Microsoft 365 mailboxes and you are hosting your pop2opencrm mailboxes within Microsoft 365 and the ATP Safe Attachment rules  delivery method is "dynamic delivery", you will notice a delay from the message appearing in your Outlook inbox and being converted into OpenCRM. This is because the attachments are not available to Pop2OpenCRM until they have been scanned.

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