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How can I reset an Invoice in OpenCRM so that SageLink will recognise that it needs posting?

Updated: 31 May 2022 16:55:06 OpenCRM::Invoice OpenCRM::Sage Integration

If you have made a mistake with an Invoice and posted this into Sage, and subsequently deleted this invoice, therefore you want to change the original in OpenCRM and need to reset the Invoice (in OpenCRM) so that it gets picked up the next time SageLink polls, or if SageLink has polled and started the SageLink process, but has failed half way through and you need to reset the Invoices and re import, then you will need to make the following changes for the Invoice(s) to be included in the next run.

  • Go into the Invoice(s)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Invoice screen
  • Deselect Sent to Sage tick box
  • Save the Invoice(s)

SageLink will now recognise this Invoice as one to include in the next schedule.

You can also update multiple Invoices using the Global Update option at the foot of the screen for further information see This FAQ

Note : This process is also useful to be aware of should you need to restore your data from a backup into Sage, which will make the data held in your OpenCRM unsynchronised. You can globally update Invoices that have yet to be posted into Sage so that SageLink will update Sage when it next runs.

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