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I want to set up a Contact or Lead in my OpenCRM so that they can view details of their account on your Online Portal, how would I achieve this?

Updated: 23 April 2018 17:29:37 OpenCRM::Portal OpenCRM::Contacts

A pre-requisite to enabling your Customers (Contacts) to access your online portal is that their contact record must be populated with an email address. Without this, log-in attempts will fail.

To set up a Contact in your OpenCRM system, so that they can get access to your On-line Portal you would need to follow these steps;

  • Go to the Contact that you wish to give access, and EDIT the record
  • Scroll down the page and expand (if it is not already) the Customer Portal Information panel


  • There are a number of fields that require data, these are explained below;
  •  Portal User = This the field that allows or disallows access to the Portal - this is a simple way to cease someone's access, by deselecting this field, obviously the check box has to be set for the Contact to login on the portal.
  • Support Start and End date = The period that this user will be able to login to portal, regardless of the Active - Portal User tick box.
  • Username = the username that the Contact will use to login
  • Password = The Initial Password that you set for this user to gain access to the Portal
  • Can eSign = With this check box selected the Contact will be able to Electronically Sign Sales Order that are generated within your OpenCRM system
  • PIN Reset = As part of the eSign process an additional level of security includes the requirement for a Contact to have a specific PIN that is used as confirmation when they eSign any Sales Order, this check box allows the Contact to reset that PIN whilst they are logged into the portal
  • Portal Components = There are a number of modules that are standard within the On-line Portal, thee are listed here - by selecting the module name you are allowing access to this module for this specific Contact

For further information regarding the eSign process take a look at This FAQ


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