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I want to set up a Contact or Lead in my OpenCRM so that they can view details of their account on your Online Portal, how would I achieve this?

Updated: 28 February 2019 11:14:25 OpenCRM::Portal OpenCRM::Contacts

A pre-requisite to enabling your Customers (Contacts) to access your online portal is that their contact record must be populated with an email address. Without this, log-in attempts will fail.

To set up a Contact in your OpenCRM system, so that they can get access to your On-line Portal you would need to follow these steps;

  • Go to the Contact that you wish to give access, and EDIT the record
  • Scroll down the page and expand (if it is not already) the Customer Portal Information panel


  • There are a number of fields that require data, these are explained below;
  •  Portal User = This the field that allows or disallows access to the Portal - this is a simple way to cease someone's access, by deselecting this field, obviously the check box has to be set for the Contact to login on the portal.
  • Support Start and End date = The period that this user will be able to login to portal, regardless of the Active - Portal User tick box.
  • Username = the username that the Contact will use to login
  • Password = The Initial Password that you set for this user to gain access to the Portal
  • Can eSign = With this check box selected the Contact will be able to Electronically Sign Sales Order that are generated within your OpenCRM system
  • PIN Reset = As part of the eSign process an additional level of security includes the requirement for a Contact to have a specific PIN that is used as confirmation when they eSign any Sales Order, this check box allows the Contact to reset that PIN whilst they are logged into the portal
  • Portal Components = There are a number of modules that are standard within the On-line Portal

For further information regarding the eSign process take a look at This FAQ

How do I have another record show up on the Portal for my Contact?

Basically, any record that is linked to your Contact and set to display on the Portal will appear.

So the first step is to make sure your new record is linked to your Contact, so edit the record, and select the folder icon next to the Contact Name field

This will pop a screen that allows you to search and select a Contact. When you select the Contact you will see their name entered into the Contact Name field. Now they are linked.

From here, you need to make sure your record is set to display on the Portal. This is the kind of thing you are looking for, but every module will be slightly different:

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